You soon might be able to share battery power wirelessly

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Sony, the electronics gaint, has file a new patent which could let you top up your smartphone’s battery power by sucking precious energy from a friend’s device.

The patent describes a way to wirelessly transfer power between devices using near-field communication (NFC) technology. It doesn’t specify that these devices would necessarily be phones, instead using the term “portable consumer electronic device.”

As reported by Mashable, Whatafuture, which first noticed the patent, suggests this could refer to portable power banks. Phone-to-phone wireless charging would consume a huge amount of battery, says Gizmodo. It would seem silly to spend a huge amount of your battery life to transfer power to another phone, and power banks are definitely a much more sensible option.

That would be a pretty nifty development for places like bars and restaurants, which could offer power banks for customers to wirelessly charge their phones. Still, it’s possible the tech could be applied to phones.

However, it is still uncertain if the patent will actually result in a real product—but it’s still pretty cool.



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