BMW’s HoloActive Touch Controls – The future ain’t so far

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BMW, at the CES, unveiled it’s holographic control interface called HoloActive Touch. The technology creates something like a floating graphic over the control console. For BMW’s demonstration, these graphics typically showed binary buttons, such as on or off. Touching either button with the finger not only controlled features showing up on BMW’s Inside Future concept’s screen, but also sends a palpable sensation to the finger, a slight vibration that confirmed the touch.

Extraordinarily, HoloActive Touch works. Each time the floating graphic is touched, the system reacts perfectly.

The graphics themselves don’t have to be simple, either. At one point during the demo a simulated incoming phone call, made a full color photograph of a person appear. Even more surprising, the imagery was visible over a reasonable range of viewing angle, and it could even be captured!

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It may look like something out of sci-fi but the technology to achieve HoloActive Touch is not so far-fetched. It uses three main components, a projector, camera and a speaker. The projector sits in a panel on the console and makes it appear as if the imagery floats in the air.

The camera, similar to that used to enable gesture control in the latest BMW 7-series and 5-series cars, captures the motions of pointing at the graphics. When it recognizes a gesture, it activates the appropriate response in the system, such as stopping or playing a movie.

To generate the haptic feedback, the feeling of actually having touched something, a subsonic speaker mounted in the console fires a pulse. Impressively, that pulse feels localized to the finger tip when it makes contact with the floating graphic.

BMW considers HoloActive a potential future form of its current iDrive control system, which lets drivers set navigation and digital audio, among other car features.

Although BMW brought HoloActive Touch to CES as a concept, a spokesperson said the company was devoted to executing on what it shows. And given the components behind the technology and how well it worked as a concept, it could certainly come out as a production feature in the next couple of years.



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